Conversion Kit


Andersen® Narroline® Conversion Kits are used to convert your existing Andersen Perma-Shield® Narroline® double-hung window into a convenient 400 Series Tilt-Wash window.

Double hung window

Turn your existing Andersen Narroline windows from 1970-1996 into the current 400 Series Tilt Wash Window!

Narroline® double-hung conversion kits are designed specifically to retrofit existing Narroline® windows (1968 and newer), turning them into easy-to-clean tilt-wash double-hung windows with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.
Easy Upgrade:
Includes new sash, balancers, jamb liners, lock and keeper
Clean both sides of the glass from inside your home
Existing frame and trim are unaffected. Minimal disruption to the home.
Increased Energy Efficiency:
Windows with SmartSun™ glass option meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications in all 50 states
High-Performance Low-E4 glass® is 45% more energy efficient than ordinary dual-pane glass in winter and 56% more energy efficient in summer*
Compressible jamb liner provides a reliable seal between sash and frame
Beautiful Options:
Matches your existing window inside and out
Wide selection of decorative options to complement the look of any home

History of the Andersen Narroline Double Hung

The Narroline window, which rolled out in February 1962, was completely factory assembled, packed two to a carton, and featured primed exterior frame parts. Its relatively humble beginnings started when Vern Frederickson, then chief engineer and head of research and development at Andersen, announced to his small staff of four that he was designing a new window. Two days later, he handed the sketches over to the product designers to work out the details, according to the company.

Narroline Andersen Window

The Andersen Narroline Window’s time has passed. On to better things!

Four years, later, when Andersen introduced exterior cladding to the industry with its Perma-Shield cladding system, the Andersen Narroline window became the first clad wood window product ever produced by any manufacturer.


“We’ve made product enhancements to the Narroline window since ’66, but it’s pretty much the same window to this day. A workhorse—simple design, easy to install and reliable performance” says Pat Vogler, vice president of operations at Andersen.

The Narroline double-hung window’s popularity waned as Andersen launched other double-hung products beginning in 1993. Succeeding the Narroline window are the 400 Series tilt-wash double-hung, 200 Series tilt-wash double-hung, Woodwright double-hung, A-Series double-hung and 100 Series single-hung window products.

Andersen continues manufacturing Narroline window conversion kits, which feature Andersen 400 Series tilt-wash sash. With millions of units sold, these kits enable homeowners to upgrade their existing Andersen Narroline windows to new technology without disturbing the frame or interior and exterior trim, officials note.