Replacement Windows

Are your windows looking tattered and not performing as well they should?   Then it might be the right time to contemplate a window replacement project.  With the benefit of new windows, you will not only improve your home’s interior and exterior, but you will also make it a more energy efficient and comfortable place to be.

Today the market of replacement windows has hundreds of units to offer. New windows are made of different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, with a variety of features, so the choice might seem to be pretty overpowering. This is why it is important to understand the basics while choosing the right window materials and glass options to help you for your home.

Material of Window Frames and Sashes

  • Wood Windows:

Wood is the oldest and most elegant option for windows.  Wood is one of the most durable and energy efficient materials available today.  However, wood windows require maintenance.

  • Vinyl Windows:

This is the most common material for new and replacement windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient and maintenance-free.  They are almost the most budget friendly.  Durability can be an issue with excessive UV and heat.

  • Fiberglass Windows:

Fiberglass windows are becoming more and more popular. This material combines all advantages of both materials and eliminates their disadvantages. As a result, you get perfectly looking windows without much maintenance and perfect energy efficiency characteristics. Fiberglass windows cost less than wood, but more than vinyl.

You’ve heard of vinyl windows. You’ve heard of wood windows.  We prefer fiberglass. And with most fiberglass windows, you get the unmatched strength and low maintenance inside and out. The strength of the fiberglass material lends itself to contemporary designs and narrow sight lines you won’t find in other materials. Factor in the special sizes and proven energy efficiency and you have a window that is perfect for any home.

Some manufacturers of fiberglass windows:  Marvin, Pella, Milgard, Fiberframe

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