Finishing Replacement Windows

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Finishing Replacement Windows

Is interior moulding work a window replacement secret?  If you are finishing replacement windows, it could be.  So why not give an example of what to expect with interior trim.

We don’t always need to trim the interior of our windows but when we do we want the wood work to enhance the customers home. After all, a little trim makes a huge impact on new replacement windows. It makes the room look so much better.

Welcome to the wonderful world of interior trim. From baseboards to casings, from crown moldings to railings, trim is a design element that adds depth, detail and richness to a room. But it has become so common, so ubiquitous, that many people don’t give it much thought. We go to the local lumber store or big-box home center and purchase a few feet of “colonial” or “ranch” moldings and then call it a day. That’s a shame, as there are so many profiles, sizes, materials and more.

The big questions homeowners always ask is,  “what do we choose for the interior casing for our replacement windows?”.   There is no wrong or right answer, but it is best to at least come to a decision that is best for the overall aesthetic of the home.

The attached video shows how to install window trim and  is from “This Old House”.


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