Situated on a narrow strip of land between the north end of Cape Cod Bay and an expansive marsh, this modern coastal home takes full advantage of its show-stopping views with a window-laden design


Located in Massachusetts, a quintessential seaside town with salty breezes fluttering through nautical flags, waves splashing along a beach or craggy coastline, and sailboats gliding out for a day cruise, Oak Development & Design faced a significant challenge when building a 40-foot-tall, three-floor, single-family home on a narrow strip of land nestled between the north end of Cape Cod Bay and an expansive marsh. PJ and Lizzy Antonik, the husband-and-wife team behind the company, were presented with unique opportunities and challenges during the project.

Designed with Views in Mind

The lead designer at Oak, Lizzy, described the mesmerizing and unobstructed view of the marsh that the entire backside of the house provides. Their team designed the house in a way that attracts residents towards the backside. The kitchen is located in such a way that it faces the marsh, with a big sliding door in the living room that also provides a breathtaking view of the marsh. Moreover, the house has three floors, all of which have windows facing the back, allowing residents to experience the stunning view from wherever they are in the house.

Besides, the house has a roof deck that the designer, Lizzy, was particularly proud of. It offers impeccable views of the ocean and the marsh, which is even more impressive as the deck is three stories high. The Antoniks, the owners of the house, aimed to create a living space that allowed them to connect with nature, and this trend is evident in all their projects. Windows play a crucial role in achieving that goal, and the designer opted for Marvin Windows for this particular project.

Lizzy believes that windows and doors have become more critical in homes over the last few years. She emphasizes the importance of blending the outside with the inside, which creates a sense of elevated quality of life. The trend of indoor-outdoor living is gaining momentum on the East Coast, and people are increasingly seeking bigger windows and doors to achieve that lifestyle.


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