Winterize Your Home

Get Ready for Winter – Window and Patio Door Maintenance Tips

Regularly inspecting your Andersen® windows or patio doors will maximize their longevity. Inspecting your products this fall and performing simple routine maintenance before winter may decrease your home’s heating cost.

Remove and store your Insect Screens

  • Remove your window or patio door insect screens and store them where they will not be damaged. Snow or ice build-up on a patio door or window sill may cause damage to your insect screens.
  • Store insect screens either upright or flat; avoid storing at an angle.
  • When installing or removing the screens take advantage of this time to clean and inspect the interior and exterior of your windows.

Inspect Weatherstripping

  • On the next windy day check around the edge of your windows or patio doors; do you feel a draft? Exposure to light, moisture, temperatures, wear and compression may cause weatherstripping to lose its ability to seal properly over time.
  • Open the window and check the weatherstripping around the window sash or frame. Different types of windows will have weatherstripping in different locations. Is your weatherstrip cracked, torn, smashed or missing? Replacing damaged weatherstripping greatly increases the efficiency of your window or patio door.
  • To view replacement weatherstripping available online and identify your Andersen window or patio door, select the window or patio door tab above.

Are your Windows or Doors Drafty?

  • Be sure your products close and lock properly. Windows that are not locked securely may leak. Inspect the lock to be sure it secures the window or patio door properly.
  • Inspect the caulk around the window or patio door for any cracking, voids or deterioration. Use caulk or silicone to fill any holes, gaps, or air leaks to prevent heat from escaping. This will help reduce your winter utility bill. Andersen has sealant available to match the color of your window’s exterior.

Click here for available Andersen® colored sealant options


How Efficient is your Glass?

  • Consider upgrading your glass to a more efficient glass. A study of identical homes comparing low-e to ordinary dual pane glass showed 25% savings on cooling bills and 10% savings on heating bills. Savings may vary geographically.
  • If you own a double-hung window, installing a self-storing combination unit with annealed glass storm panels can improve energy efficiency by as much as 35% over dual-pane glass and 29% over Low-E glass.
  • A combination unit is also ideal for sound reduction in noisy environments.

Replace your Sweep and Sweep Fin

Inspect your sweep and sweep fin to make sure the sweep is functioning properly and not damaged. Also inspect the fin. After months of high usage the fin might be worn out and not sealing as it should. This is a simple and inexpensive fix that will save your money on your energy bills through the winter.

Upgrade to energy efficient Low-E glass

Low-E glass may increase the energy efficiency of your home’s entryway by 35%. And reduces fading of your floors and carpets.

Determine if Low-E glass is available for your storm door by going to our home page and entering your serial number. Home Page

Adjust closer to ensure a tight seal

Is your door not opening and closing properly? Does it latch completely when closed?  Follow these steps to adjust:

    1. Locate adjustment screw on the end of closer that attaches to the door.
    2. Open door, then let it close to note current closing speed.
    3. Use Phillips-head screwdriver to adjust closer to desired speed.
      1. For faster closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the left (1/4 turn counterclockwise).
      2. For slower closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the right (1/4 turn clockwise).
      3. Test door (open it, then let it close) after each 1/4 turn of the screw, and adjust screw further if needed until desired speed is achieved.
    4. If the closer doesn’t have enough power after completing steps 1-3, it could be from improper pre-set of the closer. To help this condition, re-attach to the inner hole of the closer.

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