Andersen Windows, the most trusted name in windows and doors, has expanded its available glazing options with a new solar control glass designed to reject unwanted solar heat while allowing the sunlight to stream through. Andersen® SmartSun™ glass helps reduce energy consumption in the home while providing year-round thermal protection and attractive visibility.
While standard solar glazings control heat gain through glass tinting that reduces visible light; Andersen SmartSun glass is formulated with an additional microscopic layer of silver that controls the amount of infrared energy transmitted, allows a higher level of visible light, and blocks 95 percent of the ultraviolet rays. The blocking of damaging ultraviolet rays helps protect furniture, carpets and wall coverings.
“Glass technology is an important factor in the overall performance of windows and doors,” said Shawn Aherns, senior marketing manager at Andersen. “Today’s homes have more windows, and therefore glass, so it’s important to design products with high thermal efficiency. We want homeowners to enjoy their windows and save energy at the same time.”
SmartSun glass complements a wide selection of available glazings from Andersen, including High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Low-E4 glass features an innovative exterior coating that, when activated by sunlight, reduces water spots by up to 99 percent. It also helps reduce dirt build-up and promotes faster drying on the exterior glass.

A Long History of Innovation
Andersen has been a leader in glass innovation for decades. It was the first window company to introduce insulated glass (1952), Low-E glass (1983), Low-E4 glass (2006) and today offers one of the broadest window and door glass selections in the industry. Andersen glazing options include High-Performance™ Low-E4®, High-Performance Low-E4 Sun, High-Performance Low-E4 insulated impact-resistant glass, monolithic glass, specialty glass and decorative art glass in eleven patterns, including four Frank Lloyd Wright® designs. Andersen also offers a broad selection of divided light grilles and grille options for increased design flexibility.

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