Stained Glass Windows

We all know that windows are there for certain things: to allow light in, offer security, protect us from the elements and offer a view of what’s outside. But some stained glass designs have additional purposes; they may be used as symbols or storytelling tools to teach us about the culture behind them. With that being said, this essay about the Plymouth Church UCC’s Tiffany windows is fascinating:



Step inside Plymouth Church UCC, 2717 E. Hampshire St. – designed by Alexander Eschweiler as a replacement for the congregation’s previous Edward Townsend Mix-designed house of worship Downtown – and you will likely find it difficult to ignore the nine Tiffany Studios windows that adorn the sanctuary.


“The collection of signed Tiffany windows, depicting episodes in the life of Jesus, are our greatest artistic treasure,” the church’s website notes. “As you look at the windows, please note the play of light, the drapery of the glass, and that all of the facial features, hands, and feet are painted.

“As you look at each window, with the wooden tracery, you have the effect of looking through them to a scene ‘out there.’ And here, you can be on eye level with the windows to study them closely, even the largest over the balcony. The story begins in the southeast corner of the sanctuary and moves clockwise around the sanctuary.”

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