The Broncos games have started and they are hoping to repeat! We hope so too! Fall is football season and the end of the summer heat. Many people may have their eyes focused on pro or college football but we are still focused on your home.

Many of our customers wonder if we still install new windows and doors during the colder months. The simple answer is yes! In fact, the fall can be the best time to install because the warm weather allows us to get caught up from the busy season. Sales appointments may end earlier as a result of the changing seasons but we will still get your project ideas up and running.

Once you decide what window style or door you want, we will get your job in the pipeline. We install year round, even when mother nature takes a turn toward the end of the year. We won’t put windows in a home during a blizzard, but with Colorado’s fast changing weather we might be back on the job a day or two after! Is it ideal? No, it isn’t, but we never stop working. We are here for our customers’ year round. Even with service calls.

Most people want to do a replacement window or door project in the warmer months of the year. Spring ramps up our busy season so leads time may get longer. The fall can be a trade-off – cooler weather but more attention. In other words, you can do your project in the spring and summer, but there is no reason not to do it in the fall as well.


It appears the answer is yes.  Most window companies will still install window no matter what the weather.

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