Winter is here, and there are home maintenance chores that you can’t ignore! From inspecting the roof to tuning the windows, ensuring your fire safety detectors are up to date, and saving energy, winter home maintenance keeps a roof over your head! Failing to inspect and tend to each job this season can turn into costly repair jobs in spring. Let’s look at some of the necessities winter home maintenance brings for ensuring your family stays safe, warm, and secure all season long!

Winter home maintenance amounts to these 10 chores you must tackle during the chilliest time of the year. Listen to our special podcast for details.

The4 Seasons of Home Ownershipis Today’s Homeowner’s exclusive guide to easy home maintenance. We break down the most important chores into simple task lists for the spring, summer, fall and winter.

In thewinter, here are some of those chores:

Man changing air conditioner filter
You should change your air filter every 90 days.(DepositPhotos)

Change heating system filters. The most wonderful time of the year shouldn’t be the most miserable in your home because it’s so cold! Change your filters and get a professional furnace inspection to make sure the system is ready for increased demand.

Clean the kitchen range hood filter. Your range hood removes airborne grease, fumes and smoke after cooking, boosting indoor air quality. But it’s only as effective as its filter. Before a big holiday dinner, remove the filter and clean it.  

Cleaning Baseboard heaters
A clean baseboard heater is one with optimal efficiency and peak performance.

Clean all baseboard heaters. If you have a baseboard heating system, you know it’s a magnet for dust, pet dander and hair, among other things. Clean it once a year to keep the system in peak performance.

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