Technology can be considered as the practical purpose of applying knowledge. The green technology refers to the continuous evolving methods of generating energy from the non toxic products of the environment.

What are the goals? Green technologies may state various goals and developments. Some of them can be:

• Sustainability: This technology applies the best methods to serve the needs of the society in a long term basis. It fulfills the present needs of the society without hampering the expected needs of the future generations

• Source Reduction: It reduces the pollution as well as wastes by changing the methods of the production and the consumption

• Viability: A centre of economic activity can be created which is beneficial for the environment by speeding up the implementation process and inventing all the careers that protect the world.

What are the benefits? The green technologies can be useful for the environment in many ways. You can go through the UK bestessays to learn more about this technology.

• Reduce Carbon Emission: One of the most important benefits of using this technology is to reduce carbon emission and prevent the pollution. Paperless offices, green buildings and manufacturing in green process can help in the reduction of the carbon emission.

• Control Temperature Increment: The rise of temperature can also be controlled with this technology. The fuel efficient transportation, recycling of waste etc can help in controlling the temperature.

• Corporate Benefits: Green technologies can rule the corporate sectors of the world. It can reduce the input costs with all the energy efficient measures. With all the construction of green buildings and the green manufacturing process can lead to the resource and energy saving process of the organizations. The efficient lighting and air conditioning methods can save the power of the particular organization besides acting as overall power saver for the society. This process not only helps in reducing the input costs, but also helps to maintain the social responsibility in the proper way.

• National Benefits: The green technology can also create wonders in the sectors of power generation. The wind power, solar energy, biogas production etc can provide opportunities to many unemployed youths and can also provide energy solutions to the extreme rural communities in a better way. Therefore, the standard of living will increase with a very less impact on the environment. So, the green technology takes care of the requirements of the entire community without any doubt.

• Benefits in Rural Areas: Productivity has increased in areas where the rural households are provisioned with the bio gas plants. Technologies can be used in solar cookers, mud refrigerators and also in the green farming practices. The rain water harvesting and the water storage techniques are some of the green techniques.

• Benefits in Urban Areas: With the increasing pollution in cities, the green technology can work as relief to the dwellers. The CNG fuelled public transports can reduce the carbon emission as well as the air pollution in the cities.

• Avenue Creation: New avenues can be created with the green technology. During the economic slowdown, new opportunities and avenues can show the right path which were not thought of previously. The processes of cleaning the environment with a substantial reduce of the toxic wastes require a large number of human resources. Thus new employment generation can be observed with this new technology.

So, we can see that there are various advantages of using the green technology for the sake of our environment. The usage will result in sustainable development and will help in maintaining the beauty of the earth. Rural development, urban development, employment generation are some of the noteworthy benefits.

Author Bio: David Roswell is a well known environment professional. In this article he shows a few benefits of using green technology which can be useful for our beautiful planet.