Top Ten Reasons to buy Andersen® Windows & Doors


1. Outstanding Reputation

Our 100-year history for delivering superior value and performance translates to peace of mind for homeowners.  Your customers will know you’re putting the very best. products available into their most treasured assets.

2. Innovation

Andersen® Windows & Doors, throughout history, has led the way with new and better innovations for window and door products.

3. Energy-Efficient Performance

We publish energy-efficient performance ratings on all our products – ratings that are consistently among the best. Homes with Andersen® windows and doors can dramatically reduce their heating and cooling costs.

4. Low-Maintenance

All Andersen® products feature the Andersen Perma-Shield® cladding system, which protects the window’s exterior beautifully for decades. It also eliminates the need to paint – and repaint.

5. Brand

According to most trade publications the Andersen® brand is the most recognized brand in the industry by consumers, retailers, contractors and architects.

6. Service/Warranty Andersen®

Windows & Doors are backed by one of the most reliable warranties in the industry, and provide a service network, able to provide service and parts for windows up to 70 years old.

7. Broad Selection

We offer hundreds of thousands of styles, shapes and sizes to meet almost any customer specifications. Andersen® Architectural windows and doors also allow homeowners to create custom designs of their own. And with a broad array
of options such as hardware, divided light and several wood
species, there are virtually no limits.

8. Weathertight, Reliable Seals

Think of a refrigerator sealing shut. Andersen®
windows and doors close to some of the industry’s tightest tolerances,
minimizing drafts, dust and water infiltration.

9. Great Visual Appeal

Homeowners and guests alike will admire the beauty of fine wood and precise craftsmanship. This attention to detail makes Andersen® windows and doors among the most aesthetically pleasing products available. Our interiors
feature superb styling with no visible finger joint seams-that
many homeowners compare favorably to fine furniture.

10. Service Support

Andersen® Windows & Doors provides local sales and service support to help provide solutions to window and door problems.