While we are all looking forward to summer, we are NOT looking forward to the dreaded increase in our energy bills. Turning the AC on full blast, using more water, and running fans can all end up costing you.

So let’s talk through some easy ways you can save energy and have a little more money in your pocket at the end of summer.


1. Grill more.

That’s right. We’re telling you to get outside. This may seem obvious, BUT, when you cook in your kitchen, and use the stove or oven, your house heats up. This causes your AC to work harder than it needs to, costing you money.

2. Close your curtains during the day.

Closing your curtains will help block the sun’s rays from heating up your home. This will also help keep your furniture, flooring, and other items from fading.

3. Invest in a new AC unit.

Yes- this an investment up front, but with a new, more energy efficient unit you’ll save a lot of green in the long run.

4. Program your thermostat.

It’s recommended to set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you’re at home and 85 degrees when you’re gone for optimum energy efficiency.

5. Turn off your AC and open your windows at night.

Natural ventilation at night will save your AC from getting a workout during the day. And if you close your curtains during the day, you can actually trap the cooler air in your home.


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