There is a skilled labor shortage in America and poaching is going to happen.

How to Prevent Poaching

Poaching employees or contractors in the remodeling industry is nothing new.  Recently there has been a spike though.  At least there are some steps available that businesses can take to decrease the likelihood of home improvement contractor poaching.

According to ProRemodeler, “The reality of our industry is we are desperate,” says Mike Damora, vice president of marketing for K&B Home Remodelers and a veteran of the industry. He describes poaching like this: “A roofer is driving by a job site and sees two guys up working on a house. He stops and asks, ‘Can I look at your work?’ If it’s up to his standard, he offers them a job and probably more money.”



Workers Have Leverage Right Now

The way we see it, when the economy is slow it’s the business owners that have leverage.  When the economy is good, and there is growth in the remodeling industry, like it is currently, the employees and subcontractors have the advantage.  You better take care of them.  If you don’t your competitors will.



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