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Every home has these weird in-between places that we automatically just ignore when thinking about interior design. What are you supposed to do with them anyway?

Apparently, you can do something with those small, unused spots and turn them into beautiful, functional spaces. These are 12 interior design tips when decorating tricky room corners according to Apartment Therapy:

Interior design tip # 1: Insert a curved or sectional sofa.

All you need to do is match up one angle with each other and you will see that your wall will spoon your sofa.

Interior design tip # 2: Balance a tall ladder.

You can use a weird spot right in your room by putting a tall ladder and use it to hold things like blankets, clothes, or scarves.

Interior design tip # 3: Place some plants.

Aside from bringing that fresh and alive vibe in your space, using plants will also help offset the hard angles of a corner for being beautifully sculptural with their organic branches and leaves.

Interior design tip # 4: Find a round table or console.

In addition to having more seating capacity than a rectangular table, round tables also fit nicely into compact corners.

Interior design tip # 5: Take advantage.

If you have a large surfboard that takes up a lot of space in your storage or garage, why don’t you turn it into a decorative piece by placing it against a wall in a corner?

Interior design tip # 6: Angle the television.

TV shapes are naturally awkward (its angled corners require a good amount of space to store them). By placing it in a corner, you don’t only get it out of the way, you also fill an otherwise empty space.

Interior design tip # 7: Create a reading spot.

Build that cozy spot in a corner where you can just curl up in a comfy chair and read.

Interior design tip # 8: Make it special.

If you find sofa or a fireplace overrated as a focal point, you can turn an unassuming corner into something unique by using a dramatic décor like a hanging swing or rattan chair.

Interior design tip # 9: Find a corner cabinet or table.

These things were built to fit perfectly in corners taking up the least amount of space.

Interior design tip # 10: Wrap a window.

If you are currently renovating, you can try a corner window; it should span two walls and completely open up your space.

Interior design tip # 11: Customize a cabinet.

Finding furniture for these awkward corners can sometimes be impossible. If that’s the case, consider building one yourself.

Interior design tip # 12: Add some shelves.

The good thing about shelves is that they are quick and easy projects that you can buy or DIY over the weekend.