WINTeQ™ Window Installation System


OSI takes the best practices from years of experience in new-home construction and brings that expertise to replacement windows. WINTeQ Window Installation System is the cornerstone, a completely compatible line of products that remove the guesswork from replacement window installation.

The First Complete & Compatible Window Installation System

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  • Replacement Windows
  • New Construction:Sill Pan Method
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The First Complete & Compatible Window Installation System Offering an All-Around Better Way to Install and Replace Windows

Henkel offers OSI WINTeQ Window Installation System, the first compatible window installation system. The OSI WINTeQ system helps take the confusion out of product selection and increases protection against homebuyers’ biggest concerns: energy loss and water penetration.

Builders have been facing increased potential liability for mold and mildew caused by improper window installation. The OSI WINTeQ system is designed to decrease the chance of failure due to using mismatched products, by offering one compatible system that provides three barriers of protection which helps solve the problem of moisture penetration, air loss and even product selection. Plus, Henkel offers a certified training program to window installers, the first of it’s kind in the industry.

The OSI WINTeQ system has simplified the process of selecting compatible, reliable products, making the installation and replacement window processes easy. With training and brochures available outlining the steps for both New Construction: Sill Pan Method and Replacement Installation, OSI is paving the way for proper window installation.

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